Christian Education has, and always will be a priority at Colonial Presbyterian. Our church views our faith as an on-going process in which you never stop learning. God wants us to meditate on Him day and night, and study His Word. It is with humility and praise that Colonial makes available multiple Adult and Youth Sunday School programs, in addition to offering special topical studies (such as the Prodigal God, in which over 100 of our family took part in small group studies).


Sunday School

  • 9:45 am -10:40 am (September - May)
  • Child Care is available during Sunday School

We offer classes for the following ages:

  • 2nd to 5th grade
  • Youth: Middle and High School
  • 2 Adult classes: The Present Word and Christian Life

Youth Group

  • 5:00pm - 6:00pm Sunday evenings at Colonial Avenue Baptist Church for a meal. 
  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm Bible Study

Youth Group is a time of fellowship and fun.

Areas of service by the youth: Manna Ministries and Rescue Mission (both monthly)

Youth also attend "Passport Camp" every summer.

Our discipleship program for youth is about developing the whole person, not just one aspect of a student's life. We want to see young people who are well prepared in their Christian faith and who have developed a solid Biblical foundation. God asks that we love Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Based on this command, we at Colonial desire to train young people not simply to learn about Christianity, but to live Christianity.


  • 8th Graders- Area of Study: Bible, Prayer, History of Church, Communion, Holy Spirit, Lord's Prayer, etc.

Vacation Bible School

  • Every Summer (Partner with Colonial Avenue Baptist Church)


  • Children and Adults - Open Sunday Mornings and during office hours

Fiction/Nonfiction Books, Commentaries, DVDs, Videos, etc.